Blue Melody 


Black Pearl  

"Now I know why it is the #1 Sailing trip on Palm Beach"  Reviewed by Customers, see more comments.

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Sailing and Snorkeling Sunset Cruise.


Sail to a Tropical Lagoon.



Crystal  clear waters.


No Crowds.    




 Sunset Sailing. 

" A Life Time Experience "


For best results we

specialize in One Thing and One Thing Only: 

Small Group Sailing.

Four ways

 to do it

 But foremost HOW we do it

Only a small group of people on board, very calm waters.


                      We turn off the motor and listen to the breeze as we sail on calm crystal clear water. Relaxing in the sun or shade, sailing along the beautiful coastline of Aruba, with a nice cold drink. Sounds good? There is more;

                                   We stop at Aruba's  most beautiful lagoon, Catalina bay. This is where the Million Dollar homes are and the water is crystal clear, we can see the colorful fish right off the boat.                                          The crowds, at this time of the day, are gone!            

At this tropical lagoon there is a opportunity to go snorkeling 

(we provide you with everything you need, every thing is clean and new)   

When everyone is back on board we serve  some watermelon

open bar and ...

our award winning Dutch Sandwiches   Dutch Grilled-Cheese Sandwiches  

 (note; this is not a dinner sail ) 

           (please note: Beer & wine not included, you are welcome to bring your own on board and your own ice cooler)

The best part..

Now we are lounging there in this beautiful lagoon and,... 

the Sunset starts to paint the lagoon in Sunset colors... So very nice to be there at this time of the day..


After some cocktails we set sail for our "Romantic Sunset Sail" on the way back.  Drinks served with our  famous grilled cheese-sandwiches.    

After the sun sets we are back at the dock by the Marriott,  perfectly relaxed ..

The same on AM trips (less the sunset, unless you do a full day Private) 

Trips are a lot a like, there is only one way to do it right after all you know.


#1 Afternoon delight 

Small Group Snorkel Sunset Sail

(Tuesday to Friday Afternoon)

Going thru concierges  pricing is different

  Normally $109.99


Save $20 p/p

Book online now and  save $20 p.p


 Includes everything!! Sailing. Open Bar (Note: Beer & Wine not included) Snorkeling.  Our Award Winning Food, Sunset Sailing on the way back, Complimentary Video. 

Photos of Blue Melody & Black Pearl Sailing, Palm - Eagle Beach
This photo of Blue Melody & Black Pearl Sailing is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Going thru concierges  pricing is different

#1  Afternoon delight

Snorkel Sunset Sail 

(Best seller)

 Book Now and Pay Only $89.99* 

great value!!



#2 Afternoon delight

Adults Only,  

Snorkel Sunset Sail. 

Only Mondays 

Normally $132.99


Save $20 p/p



#3 VIP Morning Delight 

Champagne Sailing And Snorkeling

Thursday Mornings

Look for the purple slots On Our Calender ...          

 Normally $145,00

Book Online $125


#4  Private Cruise

You will need to

 E-mail us  Number of Passengers. 

 AM or PM 

Contact us: or diretly.. we do not have outlook

Includes every thing on all trips!! 

Sailing, Snorkeling at the best 2 spots, our award winning food, Open Bar  

Sunset sailing on the way back,Complimentary Video and more.. 



                       Highlight of our trip to Aruba. From start to finish, the excursion was perfectly planned out. From the comfy relaxing loungers and drinks to the much appreciated snacks of watermelon, cold cheese sandwiches followed by grilled cheese sandwiches.  The snorkel spots were ideal for novice/new snorkelers. The peaceful atmosphere and relaxing smooth sail were great. You should not miss this trip if you go to Aruba. But make sure you reserve well ahead, they do get booked up.  It is the best!     Linda, Townsend MA

 See what they say.. TripAdvisor

Just show up with your towel, sunblock, camera, bathing suit, and we will take care of everything else.

        Be there 15 minutes before the trip. 

       Dock by Marriott surf club Aruba



Includes every thing!! Sailing, Snorkeling at the best 2 spots, our award winning food, Soft Drinks & Coctails  (note: beer & wine not included) Sunset sailing on the way back,Complimentary Video and more.. 



 For special days Get a

        Private charter

                                                                     DISCOUNTS WITH ONLINE BOOKING  

                                                   Gifts; Best to E-Mail us

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             Note: Discounts are for reservations online prior to sailing the late bookings! 

                                                        Note:  Do to small capacity we recommend  ahead booking .


                                                                                                           Call us ( in the USA )


email us:
for wait list put how many in your party



Book Now and Pay only $89.99  Savings $20   Per .Person!

Please note: When booking for others accompanying you, they will not be able to use there credit cardWe recommend booking individual if they would like to use there credit card... visa or master card...We do not accept Amex, Dinners Club or Discovery cards...

Always check your booking for date and number of seats on your confirmation... 




This video is from the first of two snorkeling spots. NOTE, The videos are with sound. (no need to blast the eardrums !!)

For the VIP Morning Delight Champagne Sailing And Snorkeling Tour Look for the GREEN slots On Our Calender ...           Normally $145 pp, Book Online $125pp

Black Pearl Aruba



We sail from the Pier at Marriott Surf Club and Mumba Beach Bar. Be there 15 minutes before the trip


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