Welcome to the FAQ

Q.Cost Per Seat?                A. If you book online you will save $20 p.p (normal rate $110) with discounts $90 

Q. Are children the

same amount.                   A.  Children 2 yrs and under go free.

Q. Are children welcome?   A. We welcome all ages.

Q.Are we Confirmed?          A. If you get your e-mail you are confirmed, make sure you see it, it may be in the spam box.

Q.How may Passengers?      A. On the Black Pearl there are 20 seats and 4 on the tip of the boat.

Q.Do you serve food?          A. Yes we do, simple snacks.

Q.What kind of drinks?        A. Open bar. Mix drinks and soft drinks.

Q.What is included?            A.Snorkeling Sailing Drinks Food Sunset sail.

Q.Is there a restroom?         A. Yes, small but clean.

Q.Are there life jackets?      A. Yes. for all ages and weight ( however you may bring your own)

Q.Equipment for children?    A.Yes.

Q.If it rains?                         A. We all gather at the pier at the time of the trip, then we make the decision. Every one must show!

Q.Do you do Private Sailing?  A.Yes. this is the link.

Q.Where do we snorkel?       A.At the best spots in Aruba, like Boca Catalina.

Q. Cancellation Policy?         A.Link to

Q.What time do we sail?       A. We sail on the snorkel sunset from 3.30 to 6.30 (look at our calendar) Be there 15 mins before.

                                              If you are on a cruise ship make sure to check that you have the ISLAND time! 

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